A rack houses and organizes critical IT systems, which can be configured to support a wide range of requirements. Often called server rack cabinet, it is enclosed to ensure security. Server racks are most commonly found in data center environments, but can also be used in smaller computer closets.

A server rack cabinet holds IT equipment just as a normal rack does, but it is typically enclosed on all sides. This means that it has doors in the front and rear of the rack and walls on each side.

Network racks and cabinets are typically used to contain networking equipment outside of the server itself (routers, switches, patch panels, etc.) and they are not usually as deep as server racks and cabinets. The reason being, servers require more space than most other networking equipment does. While server racks and cabinets are generally at least 36 inches in depth, network racks and cabinets can be smaller than 31 inches deep.

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