IPTV System

We provide a system through which digital television service is delivered using networking and architecture methods of IPS over a packet-switched network infrastructure (eg. Internet rather than the traditional radio, satellite or cable formats). We specialize in providing high quality and high definition wherever the user is via:

Consumers will receive high digital quality images via their set top boxes at home, PC, phones or anywhere where internet is available and can also take advantage of digital broadcast technology via IPTV and enhance TV viewing experience.

Tailor-made welcome screen to greet guests, Hotel information, Bill view & Express checkout, etc.(Hotels); High Definition TV Programs, Movies Personalized entertainment to suit their individual needs and preferences.

All Audio/Video and data messages can be transmitted in a secure manner through a single network.


Our team has years of experience and expertise in providing customized solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.